I have always had a fascination and passion with still images, spending countless hours collecting post cards, greeting cards, and photographs.  My first camera was a “Diana” that we used in my first photo class.  It was made of plastic, using 120 film.  I quickly advanced to my Nikon camera which gave me the control I wanted.  I needed the options and personal choice to change depth of field, shutter speeds and flash control.  My years at college were spent majoring in art and photography, receiving a Bachelors of Arts degree from Rutgers University, going on to finish with a Master’s Degree in photography, from New York University.  Most of my courses were taken at the International Center of Photography.  It was there that I got to learn from the “best of the best“.  I was surrounded by Masters Works on the walls and critiqued by working professional photographers.  The intensity and commitment to the still image was a lifetime experience I will never forget.  I have worked commercially in animating graphic design and video editing for the past 30 years, keeping my eye fresh and consistent with my passion.  It was at ABC News where I have been for 22 years, that I received an Emmy, a Broadcast Design Award and 2 Peabodys.

Returning to photography, in 2010, I created a daily photographic project on Facebook which became a printed book about relationships.  The series was called “My Life…compared to my sock drawer, single and unmatched”- “Photos from Within.” It was a “Photo of the Day” series about Relationships. The statements next to the photo were my thoughts for the day as well.  Since then, I photograph streets of NYC, abandoned buildings, urban landscapes, and daily life.  We have become an Instagram, Google image society which advances the use and appreciation for the still image, my passion.